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Universities & Educational Institutions

SMi Enerpro is able to reduce overall energy consumption of university campuses and to hereby achieve savings ranging from 40% and sometimes more. Our unique energy optimization approach, developed by our experts, is an excellent method for obtaining efficient production of all centralized steam generation, air conditioning and heating facilities on university campuses or other teaching institutions.

University campuses contain multiple buildings whose heating and cooling systems can linked to a thermal plant that supplies chilled water as well as steam and hot water to the whole campus. These thermal plants must provide a reliable production of energy in order to supply the classrooms, laboratories, data centers, sports complexes, student residences, offices, etc.

Our track record shows that we are able to meet the specific requirements of each building and reduce their energy consumptions.


Energy savings in buildings, found on university campuses, can be achieved by optimizing thermal power plants as well as every building on campus.

Here are a few of the energy optimization projects we completed on a number of campuses:

Installation of heat recovery systems to reduce building heat load and energy costs. This also makes it possible to recover energy by means of any other building requiring cooling throughout the year (data centers and laboratories)

Performance optimization of HVAC systems

Building HVAC operations overall enhancement

Optimization of chilled water production through efficient variable-flow chillers, distribution modulation and cooling towers

Implementation of dynamic operating sequences which are adaptable to refrigeration system requirements

Optimization of hot water and steam production

Reduced fossil fuel usage through the installation of equipment such as combustion gas condensers from boilers