SMi Enerpro possesses unique energy optimization expertise in stringent environments such as the ones found in museums. Our energy optimization projects resulted in a number of large museums achieving energy savings ranging from 50% and sometimes more.

Museums represent a significant challenge in terms of energy optimization. Because of their high ceilings, special lighting and other particularities, they require very stringent environmental conditions in order to preserve the artifacts they contain. They require very strict humidity control and room-specific heating and air conditioning conditions. Their systems are complex and constantly consume large amounts of energy.

Our energy optimization approach makes it possible to reduce electricity consumption, as well as steam and chilled water. This is achieved by implementing innovative designs and control solutions. In addition to significantly lowering the energy consumption, these improvements greatly enhance the stability of the ambient conditions and the comfort level of the museum visitors and staff.

Our energy optimization projects allow museums to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprints. For certain museums, the resulting carbon credits can become a new revenue stream.