60% of total hotel energy bills come from space heating, service water heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our extensive experience in energy optimization for large buildings has led us to develop a unique energy analysis process for high consuming hotel complexes, allowing significant savings.

The majority of Hotels’ layouts involve multi-purpose spaces through the offering of different service areas such as bars, restaurants, conference rooms, sports complexes, spas, and pools. Consequently, these mixed-use facilities require different air treatment systems. Furthermore, hotel rooms heating and cooling systems must be adjustable in order to accommodate the needs of the guest.


SMi Enerpro takes advantage of hotel occupancy (e.g., high or low season) to optimize and reduce energy consumption. Since the systems operate at reduced loads for most of the year, optimization can significantly reduce energy consumption. For instance smart energy control systems can reduce consumption during these periods.

There are many solutions available to help reduce energy consumptions in hotels:

Cooling system optimization at full and part-load

Preheating of sanitary hot water by using the heat rejected by cooling equipment

Smart temperature control for different occupancy areas

Use of the cooling system to recover heat when both cooling and heating needs are high at the same time

Heat production optimization

Lighting systems optimization

Control sequences optimization

SMi Enerpro can optimize the energy consumptions of the hotel, by adapting the building to the outside environment and occupancy type and rate.