High-Rise Buildings

SMi Enerpro’s extensive experience in energy optimization for High-Rise Buildings spans both the residential and commercial sectors. Our tailored micro-engineering solutions include an analytical process allowing you to optimize your operational performance as well as your energy costs.


SMi Enerpro optimizes High-Rise Buildings by taking advantage on their multi-purpose nature and takes into account that they rarely need their maximum capacity. Our team effectively improves building energy optimization, even when HVAC systems were recently changed or modernized.

Our optimization methods for High-Rise Buildings include:

Optimization of the cooling system for periods of partial occupancy

Limitation of high energy consumption periods using smart control sequences to reduce HVAC loads

Reduction of cooling peaks by using thermal storage systems

Optimization of make-up air use and precise air control

Optimization of heating loads through the use of heat generated by chillers

Optimization of humidification and dehumidification process

Use of control sequences to improve system operation and reduce energy consumption