Data Centers

SMi Enerpro’s patented technologies substantially reduce your energy consumption of the air conditioning in computer data centers.

The explosive growth of the Internet resulted in the high demand for data center server hosting. These servers consume vast amounts of energy and represent a significant source of carbon emissions as well as wasted energy. Large data centers consume as much energy as a medium-sized city! With their powerful computer systems, they generate enormous quantities of heat and require permanent cooling by cold production groups to preserve the equipment and to ensure continuous operation. Data centers require a high level of redundancy and reliable inverters. Any power outage can cause server failures and lead to interruptions in the cloud activities and the deactivation of the supercomputer. Thermodynamics are not always used to their full potential in HVAC systems.

Technological Innovations

The closer the PUE (power usage effectiveness) gets to 1, the more efficient the overall cooling of the data center. To meet the constant needs of cooling in data centers, SMi Enerpro developed an innovative solution based on the fundamentals of the heat transfer equation.

Our cooling system designs capture the heat from the data center and reject it outside. The excess heat captured by the data center operation can also be used to meet heating needs where necessary.