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Mechanical engineering and controls finally united for intelligent HVAC systems and self-adapting buildings.

On one side, the existing building’s
independent HVAC equipment and,

on the other side, the control sequences allowing for the operation of that building’s equipment.

In the end, they do not communicate. As a result, today’s HVAC systems tend to be oversized, unresponsive to internal & external changing conditions and often operating in conflict with each other. While individual systems might be smart, they operate in isolation.

Smart algorithms can change the game!

Smart algorithms change the game: our team can now connect all the elements to make them work together as a team.

More specifically, we capitalize on your existing systems. We look at systems already in place in your building and achieve synergy by marrying your HVAC and control systems.

Smart changed the game: our team can now connect all the elements to make them work together as a team and be proactive in answering real-time changing conditions thanks to self-adapting algorithms

Our process
can be summed up in three steps:


We analyze your equipment’s individual efficiency rates to optimize them.


We consider how the systems work together and look for synergies.


We bring your whole system to the next level by connecting equipment loads and implementing smart algorithms optimizing the interactions between the various HVAC systems.

Slide The quest for synergies The quest for synergies Over the last 20 years, we acquired significant knowledge and understanding of HVAC operations. We now possess the ability to consider your building as a whole. We analyze the interactions between all your HVAC systems and set points, as well as your building’s specific requirements. This approach allows us to develop smart algorithms and to control the HVAC equipment to react to real-time conditions. This approach permits the systems and equipment to operate in synergy, thereby optimizing your building’s thermodynamic equations. In more detail Slide HVAC analysis First, we analyze the building’s equipment individual efficiency rates and perform the necessary adaptations to the control sequences ensuring optimal operation. If the building’s equipment is performing adequately, we will then install the components to create the smartest energy management possible. Otherwise, we may also recommend replacement of the defective equipment. Then, we validate how your systems work together; often to find they do not work together. HVAC analysis In more detail Slide Connected loads & smart algorithms The success elements are the smart algorithms adapted to real- time energy requirements, unlike static control sequences, which follow a typical conditions scheme. With smart algorithms, the equipment loads are connected and share information with each other. Through energy recovery and reuse, energy misuse is brought to a minimum. Connected loads & smart algorithms In more detail Bâtiment entièrement intégré Fully integrated, intelligent & self-adapting building Our teams create a full energy loop by integrating the electromechanical systems and smart algorithms. Similar to a district energy system, your building’s system will minimize energy overconsumptions by maximizing energy sharing, recovery, and reuse. Your building will be operating like a mini smart city by only spending the energy required, no more no less, at all times. Our self-adapting algorithms allow us to go beyond typical conditions. HVAC systems can adapt to real-time internal & external environmental changes. Fully integrated, intelligent & self-adapting building In more detail

Win-Win Projects

We team up with our clients
for win-win projects

When we undertake a project, we aim for maximum client’s satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we employ a collaborative approach in which we always work hands in hands as a team with the building’s operating team.

A profitable project for everyone

A project cannot begin before we take a look at your energy bills.
Identifying the building’s consumption profile enable us to estimate the project’ potentials. The profile allows our teams to present a project with assured consistent savings, making the project interesting for both parties.

Communication is key

During the project, we will provide regular follow-up and reports. Open communication promotes transparency and ensures you are aware of the progress of your project.

Administrative and incentives’ support

All along the process, our experts work with you to identify and then obtain the various financial incentives. Additionally, we can also support you in obtaining LEED, BOMA BEST or Energy Star certification.

Jointly calculated savings

The savings’ calculation is of core importance and this is why we value trust and transparency. We commit to performance by ensuring we accomplish our predictions, this is primordial for both parties.

1. We establish a building energy consumption profile by compiling the monthly utility bills and consumption data. The profile takes into account evolving energy prices, weather patterns and the variable metrics created by the building’s intended purpose (ex. Hotels, Data Center, etc.). Furthermore, before the project begins, we establish, with the client, a Measurement Plan for the calculation of the energy savings.

2. After the project, we continue to monitor the building’s consumption for a full year. The yearly follow-up enable our team to compare past building energy consumption’s profile (reference consumption) to the new figures observed to establish the referential consumption’s profile. The difference between the “reference consumption” and the “demonstration consumption” is calculated to establish the total energy savings.

of this approach

> No heavy construction works perturbing day-to-day activities
> Project costs kept to a minimum
> Fast ROI
> Greatly enhanced occupants’ comfort
> Significant savings on total energy bill
> Reduction of carbon emissions
> Potential for green certifications

Complementary Measures

Even though smart management of HVAC systems is our core business, we provide complementary services where relevant. Our projects can easily be customizable with different complementary actions.

We can also help you with,

Enlarging facilities

Replacing equipment

Changing facilities’ mission

Lighting Retrofit

LEED Certification

Do you qualify?

Each building is unique and has variable potentials and to evaluate the energy savings potentials, we must become acquainted with your mechanical systems.
As a result, if you are interested in exploring your building’ savings potentials, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily discuss it with you.