Our commitment: to provide reliable, effective energy reduction solutions

FNX-Enerpro believes in developing economical, concrete solutions that address current sustainable development concerns.

Subsidiary of FNX-INNOV, FNX-Enerpro has over 20-year experience in research, analysis and testing of smart energy solutions. Our experience has made us a leader in the field of energy efficiency.

We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for owners of commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, universities, sports complexes, and museums as well as data centers. We help owners reduce their environmental footprint, cut energy and operational costs in a sustainable manner.

Always at the forefront of innovation, we are proud to rely on a team of talented engineers who constantly develop innovative technologies that are unrivaled.

Our business model, designed for maximum client’s satisfaction,
is intended to help achieve real energy savings and reduce costs by up to 40% and sometimes more.


Our awards are the result of the work we have undertaken in all types of buildings, such as institutional, commercial, residential, or critical buildings for instance (with specific requirements such as museums, data centers, laboratories, etc.).

Several of our employees also received Certificates of Appreciation from the ASHRAE on various occasions and most of them are LEED accredited professionals.