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Our Client

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 000 ft2 library

The University of Ottawa Morisset Pavilion was built in 1972 with the main purpose of housing the central library of the campus. Several renovations have taken place in recent years, either to change the vocation of certain sectors of the pavilion and make improvements or to add mechanical and electrical systems. The pavilion, which covers an area of about 20,000 sqm shared on eight floors, is supplied in chilled water, hot water, high pressure steam and domestic hot water by the campus networks going through the service tunnels.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Installation of 2 heat pumps

Modification of the ventilation systems and installation of 6 thermal wheels

Elimination of the steam used for heating and modification of the heating system to a low temperature one

Replacement of lighting fixtures

Project Benefits

The project expected to save over 25 000 GJ, which represents 450 000 $CAN and 70% of the building’s annual energy bills. In addition, the project allows to prevent approximately 1500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being released into the atmosphere every year.