Sports Complex L’Ancienne-Lorette Return
on investment
3.8 Reduced years 100 Metric tons
Saved 50% on energy bill ©Google 2015

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Quebec City Canada
575,778 ft2 sports complex

Built in 2009, L’Ancienne-Lorette is a multi-disciplinary sports complex with a total area of 575,778 ft2 (53,491 m2). The complex houses two arenas of North American dimensions (200 x 85 ft2).

Energy Efficiency Measures

Addition of variable frequency drives as well as air preheating systems on the exhaust and fresh air input of the building

Adjustments in the flow and concentration of some of the refrigerants and equipment speed

Cooling energy is used to improve the air quality in the kitchen

New control sequences

Optimization of the existing heat wheel’s operation in order to pre-cool and dehumidify fresh air on humid days

Project Benefits

The electrical consumption of the building is projected to decrease by 32%, representing savings of 1,183,760 kWh, while natural gas consumption is projected to decrease by 26% or 26,669 m3.