National Gallery of Canada Energy Efficiency Return
on investment
1.5 years 5000 Metric tons
Saved 54% on energy bill Owen Byrne Reduced

Our Client

National Gallery of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is one of the most respected art institutions in the world, and is renowned for the exceptional quality of its collections. The building that houses the National Gallery is a unique and impressive structure of glass and granite. Bathed in light, it features a cloistered garden courtyard, a glass-bottomed pool and a reconstructed 19th-century chapel. The enormous energy costs resulting from the building design and the constraints of humidity and temperature required for the conservation of artifacts represent a significant portion of the museum’s annual budget.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Reconfiguration of heating systems

Heat recovery

Replacement and modification of ventilating systems

Optimization of control set points and sequences

Modification of the humidity control process

Project Benefits

The project saved 54% on the building’s energy bills, in addition to prevent approximately 5000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being released into the atmosphere every year.

For us, to stabilize humidity is extremely important in order to protect the pieces of art, FNX-Enerpro succeeded in stabilizing our environment and meeting all of our requirements. The art of simplifying things!

– Paul Corriveau
National Gallery of Canada