Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Pavillon 5 Budget 2.5M Mechanical room
surface ratio
years 3.8% of total surface Annual Energy cost
$1.6 per sq. feet/year Pavilion 5 Project of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Pavilion of International Art and Education
Credit: Doug&Wolf

Our Client
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The MMFA, is Montreal’s largest museum and is amongst the most prominent in Canada. The Museum’s encyclopedic collection includes more than 41,000 works from antiquity to the present day. Every year, more than a million people visit its unique permanent collection and its original temporary exhibitions, which combine artistic disciplines: fine arts, music, film, fashion and design.
The museum had decided to build an extension of 29 000 sq feet to its facilities in 2012. The construction has been completed as per spring 2016. With this expansion, the MMFA will become the eighteenth largest art museum in North America.

Project mechanical summary

New Fresh air system

Adiabatic humidification

VAV air flow system for the new section

Heat transfert from the art galleries

No cooling or heating capacity has been added to the Museum

Project distinctive points

Integrated design with architects

Temperature and humidity accurate control in the art galleries

VAV air flow in the art galleries depending on the nature of the exposition