Laval University Envirotron Building Return
on investment
2.2 years Saved 33% on energy bill Honorable Mention ASHRAE 2010 Silk666

Our Client

Laval University

Quebec City, Canada
48,000 students University

Being the oldest center of education and one of the largest universities in Canada, Laval University enrolled over 38,000 students by 2012. It is ranked among the top 10 Canadian universities with regards to research funding and offers more than 350 programs.

Housing the Laval University horticultural research centre (CRH), the Envirotron building is designed for students and researchers who conduct research on the quality and safety of horticultural products and the use of environmentally friendly technologies

Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Reconfiguration of fresh air systems
  • Installation of variable frequency drives on fans
  • Connection of cooling water loop to hot water piping
  • Addition of a plate heat exchanger on glycol loop & a new pump for return chilled water

Project Benefits

The energy efficiency measures implemented resulted in reducing the total energy consumption of the building by 33%. The new systems enabled the university to reduce the energy budget by $65,428 by saving 1,910,931 pounds of steam, 508,014 kWh of electricity and 304,029 ton-hours of chilled water.