Laval University Adrien Pouliot Building Return
on investment
1.7 Reduced years 3000 Metric tons
Saved 50% on energy bill Silk666

Our Client

Laval University

Quebec City, Canada
53 500 m2 Pavillon

Being the oldest center of education and one of the largest universities in Canada, Laval University enrolled over 38,000 students by 2012. It is ranked among the top 10 Canadian universities with regards to research funding and offers more than 350 programs. Laval University has mandated FNX-Enerpro to assess the potential of energy consumption’s reduction among the campus’s main buildings. The Adrien Pouliot building, with an area of 53,500 m2, was found to be the most energy-consuming building on campus during an energy consumption analysis conducted in 2005.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Heat recovery chillers ;

Air flow rate adjustment with a variable flow system ;

Dual duct boxes air flow adjustment ;

Configuration change in the systems’ return air.

Project Benefits

The energy efficiency measures implemented resulted in a 50% reduction of the building’s total energy consumption; which represents a total saving of $675,000. The project enabled the University to save 35 million pounds of steam annually as well as 900,000 kWh of electricity. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 3000 tons every year.