JGH Saved Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose CAN$
on energy bill
85k Less wear
& tears on chillers and pumps

Our Client


Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hospital built in 1934

The JGH was founded in 1934 and is located in the Côte-des-neiges neighbourhood in Montreal. The building comprises ten wing hosting different disciplines such as cancerology, radiology, psychiatry, etc. Every year, the JGH cures over 300 000 patients, 67 000 emergencies, and the McGill University teaching team also receives 23 000 patients.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Connection of the two main chilled water networks

Connection of some independent networks to the merged network

Modification of the networks configuration

Modification of the main chilled water networks pumping system

Modification of the Pavilion E cooling tower networks pumping system

Project Benefits

Identified measures should result in energy savings representing about CAN $85 000 of the hospital total yearly energy bills. Regarding CO2 emissions, as savings were mainly achieved through hydro-electricity consumption reduction and that hydro-electricity is already a clean energy and a low carbon producer, CO2 emissions reduction is not very significant.