Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues Return
on investment
4 years Reduced 191 Metric tons
Saved 26% on energy bill YannA

Our Client

Four Seasons

Geneva, Switzerland
200-year-old hotel of 15,175 m2

The Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues is one of the most famous hotels in the heart of Geneva. Located on the edge of Lake Geneva, it was built in 1834 and has been the favorite location of statesmen and world travelers ever since. Renamed Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues after its restoration, the hotel remains a historic place and offers an atmosphere conducive to work and relaxation, as well as a friendly, caring and intuitive service.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Hot water production via heat pump using the Rhone river

Domestic hot water preheating

Addition of a heat pump dedicated to the building heating system

Redistribution of fresh air between rooms and corridor

Project Benefits

The project makes it possible to rely more on natural energy sources in addition to minimizing waste heat and favoring heat transfer. The fresh air and exhaust systems are also optimized and operating in synergy.