Euromart 800 D’Youville Saved 37% on energy bill Saved 200k $CAN
on energy bill

Our Client


Quebec City,Canada
273,100 sq ft office tower

A property of Euromart, this office tower located at 800 D’Youville was built in 1974 and is 273,100 sq ft large.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Chilled glycol production and distribution optimization

Replacement of conventional gas boiler for new, higher efficiency condensing boilers

Additional variable frequency drives installation

Three main air handling units optimization

HVAC systems control sequences optimization, including chillers, boilers and cooling towers

Energy recovery systems between the exhaust air and fresh air

Glycol heating system optimization for the building’s three main air handling units

Project Benefits

The project resulted in CAN$ 200,000 yearly energy savings, which represents 33% of the total yearly consumption.