Children’s Specialized Hospital Return
on investment
4 years Reduced 915 Metric tons
Saved 34% on energy bill 2015 Google

Our Client

Children’s Specialized Hospital

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

The New Brunswick Children’s Specialized Hospital facility is a five-story hospital building that treats children affected by traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and premature birth, as well as other life-changing illnesses and injuries. Designed with input from staff, physicians, nurses, therapists, and families, the hospital is a vibrant, spacious and colorful space. The building was constructed in 2007 and represents around 120,000 ft2 of constructed space.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Reconfiguration and optimization of air handling systems

Replacement of steam humidifiers

Addition of new heat recovery chiller

Connection of the BMS to chiller control network

Conversion to variable flow terminal boxes

Modification of electrical room exhaust fan controls

Project Benefits

All the different energy saving measures described above will allow savings of over 1,600,000 kWh as well as over 6,500,000 pounds of steam consumption, for a total of 278,100 USD; representing 34% of the total energy consumption. The proposed project resulted in a 915 MTCDE reduction yearly (Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent), of which 517 tons were due to steam savings and 398 tons to electricity savings.