National Bank – Dream Buildings 600-700 De la Gauchetière St W Project cost 4M years Chilled water production 45% cost reduction Jeangagnon

Our Client

Banque Nationale and Dream

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2 towers of 28storey office

The 600-700 complex is made of two office towers and a common base of 6 floors which includes parking space, shops, restaurants and the thermal plant for the entire complex. One of the tower belongs to Banque Nationale du Canada while the other tower belongs to Dream Company. The buildings was constructed during the years 1983-1984 and has a total leasable area of approximately 1 000 000 ft2. Each floor has an area of approximately 35 000 ft2.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Re-commissioned the central chilled water plant

Installation of 3 variable speed chillers and one heat recovery chiller

Addition of a new set points-management-system

Implementation of a primary variable flow for the chilled water

Project Benefits

Optimized temperature controls

Optimization of the Energy recovery in the chillers & heating network

Minimal pumping energy consumption

Improved part-load chiller efficiency